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Photo by James Ferry

July/August 2017 Feature: Balancing Each Other Out

Story by Pat Humphrey | Photos by James Ferry

Since their first encounter at Potomac Conference’s Langley Park (Md.) church, and during the days of courtship that followed, Josant Barrientos and his wife, Claudya, have been actively involved in church activities, such as Pathfinders and Youth Ministries. 

Today both are employed by the Potomac Conference; he as Young Adult Ministries director, and she as conference clerk. As a couple, they often collaborate on youth events and seminars. “The biggest blessing of working together in ministry is the support we give to each other,” Claudya says. “As with the majority of couples, our personalities are very different. He is an extrovert, and I am an introvert, yet we balance each other out,” she adds. “In an area where one may be weak, the other has stronger qualities, which definitely strengthens the ministry as a whole.”

Language skills are one way the couple complements each other. “We are both bilingual, but Josant is much stronger in speaking Spanish,” she says. “When it comes time to speaking or translating, Josant is always there to help me. The same goes with his English; I try to proofread his sermons and seminars, and we encourage each other.”

Tip: You need to set time apart to rest and truly enjoy each other’s company away from church activities.—Claudya Barrientos

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