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Lori Pickens photographed Monica and Victor Zill

July/August 2017 Feature: Balancing the Busy

Story by Pat Humphrey | Photo by Lori Pickens

Takeaway: It is rewarding to see that my work has an impact on lives around me, and that truly only happens when working in partnership with God.—Victor Zill

In their respective work as treasurer of the Mountain View Conference and principal/teacher of Parkersburg Academy in W.Va., Victor and Monica Zill have discovered that being in ministry and raising a family can be very demanding! Though their work responsibilities are very different, taking the couple in separate directions for 12-plus hours a day, the Zills still manage to find time on the crossroads of life to collaborate in ministry with the Pathfinder club at their local church. They also help their 12-year-old daughter and 11-year-old twin sons with schoolwork, church projects and other activities.

“The biggest challenge is that we both are extremely busy, and it is difficult to find much time when we are both free,” says Victor. “There is always more work to do than time to do it.” Yet the Zills consider their work rewarding and find that the blessings outweigh the demands. “While there are challenges [involved in] jointly working for the church, especially with kids, I would still encourage others to work for the church, as it is rewarding to see lives changed,” he adds.


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