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How is the coronavirus impacting life, mission and ministry? How are Seventh-day Adventist members, pastors and leaders in the Columbia Union Conference coping with the disruption and uncertainty? Watch episodes of Visitor News Live to see more.

February 26: Change Agents
February 19: A Conversation with Calvin Rock
February 12: Where do Adventists Stand on the Vaccine?
January 29: Why Are We Afraid of the Second Coming?
June 6: Columbia Union Day of Prayer
June 3: Full Episode: What Happens Now?
April 30: Full Episode: Adventist Community Services
April 30: Chesapeake Conference ACS Responds to Pandemic
April 23: Full Episode: Meet Adventists on the Front Lines
April 23: How is COVID-19 Impacting Columbia Union Business Owners?
April 23: Maryland Nurse Shares How Frontline Workers Provide More Than Just Medical Care
April 16: Full Episode: Educators Go the Distance
April 9: Full Episode
April 9: Doctors Declare New Jersey Adventist Coronavirus Patient a Miracle
April 2: Barry Black's Advice During Coronavirus
April 2: Why Are We All So Stressed Now?



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