Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

September 2021

Jim Slater finishes the Chattanooga IRONMAN, raising funds for students at Blue Mountain Academy

Blue Mountain Academy (BMA) alumnus Jim Slater (’85) had already completed three IRONMAN events. But this year, when IRONMAN Chattanooga was scheduled on the anniversary of when he broke his neck, became paralyzed, stopped breathing and almost died while a freshman at BMA, he was especially excited to participate. 

One of the most tragic losses caused by the pandemic was charities who serve those in need. Reach Out Montgomery County, who served the uninsured in the Dayton area, lost funding in the wake of COVID-19 and had no other choice but close. This meant that many adults had lost an important support system and source of medical care.

Nathaniel Snow, Allegheny West Conference

The Ohio Department of Education recently presented Nathaniel Snow, a veteran educator and member of the Dayton (Ohio) church, with the 2021 Teachers of Ohio Representing Character and Heart (TORCH) award. TORCH celebrates teachers who model strong character and a heart for their students, colleagues and communities.