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How is the coronavirus impacting life, mission and ministry? How are Seventh-day Adventist members, pastors and leaders in the Columbia Union Conference coping with the disruption and uncertainty? These questions will be the subject of a new series of conversations themed “Coping in the Time of Covid-19,” beginning Thursday, April 2, at 7:30 p.m.

Banned large public gatherings have forced church communities and schools across the country to get creative in congregating the last two weeks. We’ve assembled a list of resources and ideas to help you better build community during this unprecedented time.

Este sábado 28 de marzo, los líderes de la Unión de Columbia y sus ocho conferencias locales, los líderes de las redes de atención médica e instituciones de educación superior están pidiendo a los miembros que participen en un día especial de oración.