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Chad Stuart and Frank Hasel host Spencerville Adventist Churches Biblical Perspectives

Spencerville Adventist Church's Bible Perspectives Series Covers Stewardship

Story by Spencerville Church Staff

Seventh-day Adventists have a “high” view of Scripture. We find the Bible an invaluable resource for knowing God's character as we as His plan for our lives. The Biblical Perspectives series seeks to bring our audience into a conversation on timely, relevant topics between a local church pastor, Pastor Chad Stuart, and a highly-educated theologian, Dr. Frank M. Hasel.

In the first season of Biblical Perspectives, produced by Chesapeake Conference's Spencerville church (Md.), hosts Stuart and Hasel aim to take what the Bible says about stewardship—how we use our resources—and share practical ways to apply Biblical principles in our daily lives. If you’ve ever wondered why God needs your resources (including your money), check out


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