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Personality Pups Teach Valuable Lessons

Darius Bridges, a member of the Sligo church in Takoma Park, Md., and his dad, Conrad, recently launched a YouTube channel called Personality Pups (P-Pups). Using 12 puppies with unique personalities, this platform teaches children about their place in God’s world and shares lessons such as how to work together despite differences. 

Twelve years ago, Darius, a child at the time, says he saw the world as a wonderful place. Using a white sheet of paper, he made an origami puppy he named Dot, adding a happy face and polka dots to it.

Then he took his creation to school where his classmates inspired him to keep creating. So he did, eventually creating his own world—Puppville—where Dot and her friends lived.

The P-Pups is a group of 12 puppy pals: Dot, Pierre, Angel, Zad, Raven, Twitch, Gadget, Lily, Aleksander, Damien, Laura Love and Super Pup. Darius created each pup to exude their own unique personalities while living together in harmony. The P-Pups’ goal is to teach children the value of positive self-esteem, being helpful, courteous, kind and seeing everyone as valued members of God’s loving world, no matter one’s nationality or ethnicity. 

Now a young adult, Darius has a degree in Marketing from Andrews University (Mich.). He is employed by the university and is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration.  

His YouTube channel, geared for children ages 3–9, features children’s songs and more.

Subscribe to the channel at, and meet the pups at



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