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Executive Secretary Celeste Ryan Blyden; President Dave Weigley; Treasurer Emmanuel Asiedu

What Time Is It?

Editorial by Executive Secretary Celeste Ryan Blyden; President Dave Weigley; and Treasurer Emmanuel Asiedu

If you say we are living in perilous and challenging times, times that try men’s souls, we agree. If you say we are living in the best and worst of times, we also agree. If you say we are living in the very last days of earth’s history, we most certainly agree.

Indeed, Jesus’ prophecy in Matthew 24:3–14 about the last days and the signs of His return are being fulfilled in our time. They dominate news headlines, posts and tweets.

Does this mean it’s time to run to the hills, hide out in bunkers, live in fear or put up a fight?

Not at all!

Tucked into this dismal forecast about wars, weather and hearts waxing cold are Christ’s instructions, promises and hope for believers: Verse six says we should not be alarmed because such things must happen before the end of time. Verse 13 says those who endure to the end will be saved. And verse 14 says the gospel will be preached to the whole world, and then the end will come.

In other words, Jesus assures us that there will come an end to these terrible times of trouble. He promises that if we remain faithful, even if we face persecution or death, we will be saved. And He reaffirms His call for us to be witnesses to all the world. 


Yes, Jesus is coming again very soon! But until then, there’s still time to go and tell others what He’s done for you and what He can do for them too!

There’s still time to walk with people through the struggles and realities of this broken world.

There’s still time to preach, start small groups, plant churches and pray for the Holy Spirit.

There’s still time to give the clarion call and be accountable to God in sharing the unique message He has entrusted to this movement— the three angels’ messages and the good news of our coming King. There’s still time and great need for the body of Christ to be salt, light and jars of clay that will make a tangible difference in our world and in our personal lives, because, when we experience the mission, it changes us too.

From our ministry centers—churches, schools, hospitals, radio station, media outlets and offices—let’s go where people work, live, learn and play. Let’s go to the country, to the cities, around the corner and across the street. Let’s go the distance—online, in person and hybrid—to reach somebody for Jesus.

What time is it? It’s go time! And thankfully, there’s still time to go tell somebody about Jesus!


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