Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Twenty-One Delegates to Represent Columbia Union at GC Session

The following delegates will represent the Columbia Union at the upcoming General Conference session in St. Louis:

  • Dave Weigley, Columbia Union Conference president
  • Celeste Ryan Blyden, Columbia Union Conference executive secretary
  • Emmanuel Asiedu, Columbia Union Conference treasurer
  • Pete Palmer, Allegheny East Conference president
  • Marvin C. Brown, III, Allegheny West Conference president
  • Jerry Lutz, Chesapeake Conference president
  • Tim Bailey, Mountain View Conference president
  • Jorge Aguero, New Jersey Conference president
  • Gary Gibbs, Pennsylvania Conference president
  • Charles Tapp, Potomac Conference president
  • Vince Waln, Ohio Conference member
  • Sanjay Thomas, Potomac Conference member
  • Juliana Marson, New Jersey Conference pastor
  • Denise Isaac, Chesapeake Conference member
  • Violet Cox, Allegheny West Conference employee
  • Renee Battle-Brooks, Potomac Conference member
  • Cheryl Chavers, Allegheny East Conference member
  • Graci Martinez
  • Sonia Vazquez, Potomac Confernce member
  • Gina Brown, Allegheny East Conference member
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