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A recent eclipse, Highland View Academy

Highland View Academy Astronomy Class Witnesses God’s Glory

Story by Andrew S. Lay

One of the new class additions to Chesapeake Conference's Highland View Academy (HVA) curriculum this school year is in the area of astronomy. The study of the starry host encourages HVA students to gaze at the night sky and consider how they fit in the universe designed by God.

Originated by HVA STEM teacher Kenji Nomura, the class was added as one of the STEM elective courses and is supported by a grant from the Toshiba America Foundation. The students have been able to research best methods of astronomical study, take photos of the stars through a large telescope and hold several outdoor star parties to encourage both school and community members to better understand how they fit in the universal plan.

“The astronomy class is a good mix between learning and acting. We learn about the discoveries of different astronomers, then we go out at night and view those same discoveries with our telescopes,” states sophomore and STEM student Brandon Herd. “The class promotes discussion between each other about the subject, allowing for long talks and debates. The talks and night classes are what make up the core of this class. The astronomy class is easily one of the best classes I’ve taken.”

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