Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Food From the Heart

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

People come in on Sabbath morning, and the tables are set up, and the classrooms are ready. They don’t know how it happens. It’s like a little Sabbath fairy comes in and sets it all up,” says Roxann Gambin, organizer of Chesapeake Conference’s Triadelphia church potluck for 12 years.

Gambin likes to operate behind the scenes. She and her husband, Len, volunteer at the church, located in Clarksville, Md., each Friday to set up the fellowship hall and prepare the kitchen. She schedules teams to run the weekly potlucks. The Sabbaths her team isn’t serving, she still often helps by dropping by the kitchen before Sabbath School and in between church to heat up and prepare dishes. The Gambins often stay until 3 p.m. to clean.

Roxann says potluck is a way for church members to fellowship and build a community. Many widowed, single or divorced members enjoy the time together. Plus, Roxann says serving on teams helps the volunteers to connect and nd their place in the church.

“It’s not all about food; it’s the fellowship, getting to know the other church members, making your guests feel welcomed,” shares Roxann. “It’s not a job; it’s a ministry. Some people think it is a burden. I think it is a joy.”

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