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Ohio Conference

Spring Valley Academy, LEGO Robotics

Spring Valley Academy’s (SVA) LEGO® Robotics instructors have launched a new and exciting year filled with discovery, innovation and fun. The robotics team is comprised of fifth- and sixth-grade students who strive for innovative and unique robotic design elements, in addition to precise mathematical equations that they are trying to utilize.

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It seems as if the jungle, the mountains and rural areas are favorite destinations to send new ministers. I was no exception. My first district was in the deep forest of Nicaragua, surrounded by rushing rivers and deep lagoons. Our congregations resided in small communities nestled around these lagoons. Ninety percent of travel between them was by river, so we used an outboard motorboat to carry out pastoral work.

Ohio Conference Hispanic Ministries Department

This year, the Hispanic Ministries Department has experienced many stories of how God has worked in people’s lives across Ohio: An entire family making the decision to give their lives to Jesus; a lady who resisted her friend’s invitation to church finally attends and decides to be baptized; a daughter who takes a trip to see her mother be baptized ends up being touched by the Holy Spirit and gets baptized too; 10 young people get baptized together; a pastor baptizes his own sister; a man who suffers from addiction and sleeps in a cemetery finds new life and hope by giving his life to Jesus.