Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

July 2018

Bridgette from Loma Linda, Carlos Piedra from PUC, Cassie Hales from ADRA Connections and Kettering College student Deborah Kim pose with a acai plant at the ADRA Connections Extreme Trip.

Students from universities across North and South America, including a group from Kettering College, took a break during the summer, and traveled miles from home to ensure that underprivileged children earn a higher education. 

Senior Lori Prendergast from the Highland Adventist School in Elkins, W.Va., gives small gifts to children waiting in line at the health clinic.

Why do we spend all that money to send students to another country for just 10 days? Wouldn’t it be better used by sending a check overseas and letting the local people spend it as they see fit?” Have you ever heard these questions? Have you ever thought them yourself? At the Mountain View Conference (MVC), we have a decisive answer.

Peter Simpson, Hispanic Ministries coordinator; Ryan Simpson, technical director; Wilson Baca, pastor of the Ebenezer Spanish church in Cleveland; Winston Simpson, pastor of the First Cleveland Spanish church; and Ruben Ramos, vice president of Multilingual Ministries for the Columbia Union Conference, speak on-air during one of the many live Stereo Adventist Radio Online programs.

"[Earlier this year], a new, bright light illuminated the entire state of Ohio and beyond,” says Peter Simpson, Hispanic Ministries coordinator for the Ohio Conference, adding, “[This light] is STAR ON—STereo Adventist Radio ONline (Stereo Adventista).” Six months later, the station has an average of 1,200 daily listeners, with up to 1,600 on weekends.