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Triadelphia Church Celebrates 50 Years

Story by Evan Knott

The Triadelphia church in Clarksville, Md., recently celebrated 50 years of ministry in Howard County, marking half a century since its founding members began construction on its current building. Before moving to its current site, the congregation held services at the Glenelg Methodist Church during the initial years after members began meeting in 1967.

Ted Wilson, Triadelphia member and president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, reflected on his time with the church during the Sabbath morning sermon. “It has been a great opportunity to belong to a local church that has expansive evangelistic outreach programs, services and activities that bring people to the foot of the cross and the knowledge of the three angels’ messages and Jesus’ soon coming,” he says.

The two-day celebration began on a Friday evening with vespers, featuring musical performances and a devotional by the church’s current pastor, Samuel Nunez. Sabbath events included a Sabbath School panel discussion, a luncheon, an afternoon program reviewing highlights from each decade of the church’s history and a closing vespers.

Nunez noted the evident camaraderie during the celebration. “What stood out to me were the many smiles and hugs people were sharing with each other, even if they had not seen each other in a long time or were just meeting for the first time,” he says.

Former pastors Randall Murphy and Roland Smith, both key figures in the church’s early building project, were in attendance and were recognized during the celebration.

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