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'The Time Is Now'

Editorial by Marvin C. Brown, III

Are you ready to experience a powerful, life-changing spiritual awakening? Join us June 12–15 at the Allegheny West Conference Camp Meeting as we delve into our theme, “The Time Is Now,” focusing on the long-awaited, much-anticipated second coming of Christ. This extraordinary event will feature the dynamic preaching of Emil Peeler, Ricardo Graham, Vivian Martin and Furman “Pace” Fordham. Prepare to be inspired, challenged and transformed as the power of God’s Spirit will be unleashed upon His people.

We are no longer in the time of the end; we have arrived at the end of time. A time when men call “good evil and evil good” is not the time for us to get ready—we must be ready.

Peeler, pastor of the Capitol Hill church in Washington, D.C., a captivating speaker with deep biblical insights, will shed light on the urgency we face in these times. His message will empower you to live with purpose and prepare for the glorious return of our Savior.

 Graham, former president of the Pacific Union Conference (Cal.), atrailblazer for women’s rights, will dive into the hope and promise that the Second Coming brings. Get ready to be uplifted and inspired as he shares the joyous anticipation of this extraordinary event.

Martin (below), first lady of the Akron (Ohio) Bethel church, a passionate advocate for social justice and spiritual growth, will challenge us to embrace the call to action that the Second Coming presents. Her powerful and passionate presentation will motivate and empower us to live out our faith in practical ways.

Fordham (below), young adult pastor of the Shiloh church in Cincinnati, Ohio, will share a relevant and relatable message that will positively inspire and equip us to seize the moment as we navigate the complexities of life in our spheres of influence.

There will also be life-changing workshops. From personal development and professional growth to marriage and family life, these sessions will provide you with guidance to unlock your full potential.

But this gathering is more than just an intellectual exploration of biblical truths; it is an opportunity to encounter the living God, to feel His presence and to be enveloped in His love.

You cannot afford to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to experience “The Time Is Now,” the 2024 Allegheny West Conference Camp Meeting. You will be radically challenged, changed and transformed through this amazing gathering.

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