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Kelsi Bolden: A Modern Soldier

Story by Angèle Peterson

The Park Street church is located in Oberlin, Ohio, along with Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music. Over the years, the congregation has been blessed to have many students worship with the church. In more recent years, Elvis Francios, who during the pandemic became known as the “Singing Surgeon,” and many years ago, Calvin Taylor, a music publisher, concert performer and recording artist, both attended Park Street while they were students at Oberlin.

The church is a home away from home for Seventh-day Adventist students during their education. Each September, when students arrive—sometimes accompanied by parents asking members to take care of their children—Park Street has always responded positively to this solemn responsibility. Yet, for many students, their time in Oberlin leads them in other directions.

Not so with Kelsi Bolden, a vibraphonist from New Jersey in her senior year at the conservatory. From the moment Bolden began attending Park Street, she desired to be in service for God and be personally involved with the church. Earlier this year, she spoke for Youth Day, her sermon titled, “Elements of the War and Signs of the Times.” This message was not only for Park Street members but to share her faith with former classmates.

Bolden is a bold and fearless witness for the Lord on the Oberlin campus. There have been many students who have come to Oberlin, but sadly few remain connected to their Adventist faith or the congregation. Bolden, instead, is determined to let her light shine!

She shares The Great Controversy books throughout the campus. Recently, one of the food service staff approached her and thanked her for sharing the book last year and said she has been referring to it constantly with all that is happening in the world today.

Bolden not only shares her musical talent, but she invites members of her band, The New Standard, to come and play at Park Street. During the recent “Messages of Hope” evangelistic series, the church recognized several band members for their dedicated service in music.

Bolden currently serves as church pianist and tells the children’s story every Sabbath. Her stories are always engaging and informative for the entire audience. This is where she has incorporated her personal ministry: “Modern Soldier Ministries—Soldiers for the Lord.” Her mission being to alert and prepare souls for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

What a blessing Bolden is to the Park Street church, and the congregation is extremely happy she is an active and vital part of their church family say leaders.

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