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Women from various countries display their cultural garments.

Hispanic Women Gather at Retreat

Story by Laura Romero

Setting aside routine, responsibilities and family, women from across the Allegheny West Conference (AWC) recently convened to enjoy personal time, renew their souls and focus on their Creator.

The women’s retreat, sponsored by the Multicultural Ministries Department, was held in Cincinnati, Ohio, where 236 ladies representing 15 countries from North, Central and South America met to be refreshed, challenged and healed. The program was in Spanish, with interpretation offered for Portuguese and English-speaking attendees.

The weekend’s theme, “In His Hands,” referenced the Master Potter, Jesus. “He is the one who molds us and transforms us, but only if we let Him,” says Sergio Romero, conference Multicultural Ministries director. “We are the clay. To be good clay and be transformed into a beautiful pot, we need to let go of impurities—the dirt and any little sand that we call sin. Then, and only then, will our Creator make the jar perfect.”

This group of ladies spent devotional time together, praying before dawn and bringing their burdens, broken hearts, situations that don’t have human solutions, and petitions to the Lord. After every prayer time, they say they felt encouraged and ready for the daily challenges, and began to feel physically better through the power of the Holy Spirit. Their smiles showed relief, even though their problems were not gone and not yet fixed. They felt God was in charge, report organizers.

The prayer walk activity with five stations focused on the hands of Jesus. Each station had different activities to help develop a spiritual connection with God. While on the path, each lady had the opportunity to pray and create a craft, which allowed for a two-hour intimate prayer time with Jesus.

Many attendees say the retreat met their spiritual needs, opened their eyes beyond expectations and filled their hearts with joy and happiness. They took home skills and ideas to share with the ladies who were unable to attend from their respective churches.

One first-time attendee shares, “I have never experienced what I experienced this weekend. I have seen God’s power firsthand, attention to detail and a level of spirituality that I have not seen before, even though I have participated in and have organized several events like these before. I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of this retreat, surrounded by many other beautiful ladies who have a Christlike spirit.”

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