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Visitors Krista Chrispell and Keith Johnson attend the art class for the first time. Photo by Ethan Garcia.

Art Can Change the World

Story by Liz Bailey

Something life-changing is happening at the Charleston Boulevard church in West Virginia, and it’s through a very unlikely source—a simple art class!

What started in 2021 as a small art class comprised of 7–10 members quickly blossomed into a 60–70-person monthly event! The free class meets one Sunday each month, bringing together a variety of ages, denominations, genders and skill levels.

To start the class, Megan Garcia, a professional artist and wife of Tony, assistant pastor of Charleston Boulevard, gives a short devotional to encourage the group and sew gentle seeds in those who may never otherwise step foot in a church. Then everyone enjoys a four-course meal with friendly fellowship and fun giveaways. And lastly, Megan step-by-step leads the art project of the month.

“Many have come to know the Lord for the first time through this ministry, and there’s even Bible studies taking place in different homes with those who attend the class!” states Megan.

“One of my granddaughters who was raised in this church recently started coming to the class with me. It has been the right incentive to bring her back through the doors of the church,” states Peggy Koch, Boulevard Church member. “It’s a non-threatening way of inviting people to church activities without making them feel pressured. Now she is bringing her 19-year-old son, my grandson, with her. I am so excited about the prospect of her coming back to God through this ministry.”

As the Mountain View Conference emphasizes, there are many, many ways to tell somebody about Jesus! 

To learn more about Megan's art ministry, click here

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