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Remembering Justin Stanley

Story by LaTasha Hewitt

Shelton Justin Stanley, a member of Allegheny East Conference's Edmondson Heights church in Baltimore, was tragically killed at the end of 2020, leaving his family, friends and church members to grieve his death. Church members reflect on the life he lived and the impact he had on so many:

“He was a motivator who ministered with passion to our children. With his many hats, he brought a level of continuity, consistency and dedication to get the job done."—Patrick Graham, Allegheny East Conference Youth and Children’s Ministries Director

“Justin understood the importance of giving of your talents and gifts and paying it forward. He consistently mentored youth at the schools where he taught, as well as my children: Jordan, Joshua and Jalen. He became a trusted advisor, a true friend, someone I could always count on and depend on. He was our family.”—John F. Sivels, Edmonson Heights Pathfinder Club Co-Director

“Mr. Justin was a fun Pathfinder leader, mentor and friend. When he took us camping, he taught the girls how to put up a tent, he cooked great food and he protected us. He taught us how to make communion bread, perform a song in sign language and help with Pathfinder honors. He also encouraged me to do a sermonette for the youth Week of Prayer. Mr. Justin, our mentor, encouraged us to do our best.”—Rayna Ellison, Edmondson Heights Pathfinder

“Justin served as treasurer, a deacon, Youth Ministries leader, young adult mentor and church service coordinator. If something needed to be done, Justin was always willing to help, whether it was to act in a play, preach a sermon or sing a song. He was a good friend and had a way of making you feel better and laugh if you were feeling down. He will greatly be missed.”—Darlene Jones, Edmondson Heights Church Member

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