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The Triadelphia Sparks PBE team places first at the North American Division event. Photo courtesy North American Division

Eight Columbia Union Pathfinder Bible Experience Teams Place First at North American Division Level

Eight teams from the Columbia Union Conference placed first at the recent North American Division Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) in Chicago. Six teams placed second. To achieve first place, a team must score 90 percent of the top scoring team's score. Second place teams must earn 80 percent of the top scoring team's score.

See the results below:

Allegheny East Conference

Genesis (NJ) Jaguars: Second Place
Liberty (Md.) Light Bearers Gold: First Place 

Chesapeake Conference

Pikesville (Md.) Tigers: Second Place
Triadelphia (Md.) Sparks: First Place 

New Jersey Conference

Piscataway Eagles Amethyst: First Place
Piscataway Eagles Onyx: First Place
Piscataway Eagles Ruby: First Place
Piscataway Eagles Sapphire: First Place
New Brunswick English Joshua Angels: Second Place 

Ohio Conference

Akron Crusaders Didaskalia: First Place
Akron Crusaders Epistles: Second Place

Pennsylvania Conference

Bethlehem Eastern Trumpets Team A: Second Place
Bethlehem Eastern Trumpets Team B: Second Place

Potomac Conference

Beltsville (Md.) Broncos Faithfulness: First Place
Beltsville Broncos Joy: Second Place
Beltsville Broncos Peace: First Place



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