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Adventist Police Officer Affected by Violence in Baltimore, Urges Members to Share Second Coming Message

Adventist Police Officer Affected by Violence in Baltimore, Urges Members to Share Second Coming Message

Story by Beth Michaels

Darryl Smith Darryl Smith

Darryl Smith, a Baltimore police officer and a member of Allegheny East Conference’s Capitol Hill church in Washington, D.C., has been on duty during the recent rioting and violence in Baltimore. Although he was hit by several bricks thrown by the crowd during Saturday evening’s ruckus, he says he is doing fine and continues to serve.

What has it been like to participate in the unprecedented violence in the “Charm City”? “I was just telling a couple of my friends that when the crowd started cursing and yelling and chanting, I felt like I could imagine what it must have been like for Jesus when Pilate asked the crowd what to do with Jesus and they yelled, ‘Crucify Him!’” he says. “I could feel a demonic spirit go through the crowd and then they became more violent.”

He adds, “I think this [type of activity] is only going to get worse as we approach the end time and the Lord comes to take us home. But Jesus is not coming only for black people, or only for white people, or Asian people. He comes for those who have on the right ‘uniform’—those who are covered by the blood of Jesus.”

As we move past the incidents in Baltimore, Smith personally suggests that Adventists continue to “warn people about what’s coming. We know the Bible says in the days of Noah that you’re either on His side or not. We need to be more vocal about letting people know, in love, that they have a choice to make.”

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So glad Darryl is ok! Will be praying for your continued health in this time of trouble. So glad men like you are out there serving and training new officers to stand on the side of right.

Funny how both this article and the Adventist church have failed to mention or comment on the real tragedy here.....the death of yet ANOTHER black life while in police custody.

Freddie Gray was healthy when the police took him, and he ended up "mysteriously" with a severed spine, later dying.

Almost 300 unarmed black men, women, and children have died at the hands of police in the very same way since January of this year.

10,000 people executed their constitutional rights and protested PEACEFULLY in Baltimore. The media refused to report on that.

This article is not only offensive and biased, but lacks the empathy any true Christian would have at the loss of life!!!!

The cries against injustice cannot be compared to a "demonic spirit".


Actually, we expressed sadness over the death of Freddie Gray in another article:

God is love And as the bible says about the sabbath I strongly belive that he is coming soon.a mim.

I strongly belive in sabbath .

He is absolutely right! Things are only going to get worse. And CHRIST is coming for all of those that will surrender and give their lives to HIM unreservedly! I want to be in that number and I do not want to be among the multitude that HE declares too them, "Depart from me I never knew you!" Luke13:27 And if we love HIM, we will keep his commandments. John 14:15. And these are the two that HE told us in Mark 12:30-31 and they are a summation of the ten found in Exodus 20:1-17. The first 4 commandments are between GOD and man and the last 6 are between man and man.

Sin and violence will wax worse and worse until Jesus comes. It is so vital to get the word out that Jesus is coming soon. He must come because man will destroy himself with sinful destruction.

Way to go brother. This world is coming to a dead end.

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