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Charleston Members Share Life-Altering Health Knowledge in Church

In 2006 Basil Bennett, a Charleston (W.Va.) church member, underwent coronary bypass surgery. To help his health, he gave up eggs and ate only lean meat. But, in spite of his new “healthy” diet, he continued gaining weight, had high cholesterol and blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat and medication-induced neuropathy. He believed he wouldn’t to be around for long, he shares.

Story by Kathy Pepper

When his wife, Becky, suggested enrolling at the Wildwood Lifestyle Center (Ga.), which promotes a plant-based diet and exercise, Basil was not enthusiastic. However, several months later, they started a 25-day, life-changing experience.

Along with his known health issues, lab results showed Basil as borderline diabetic. Wildwood doctors and staff developed plans to improve the couple’s health. The Bennetts also attended health classes, exercised and learned how to cook healthy vegan meals.

Twenty-five days later, Becky was off four medications and the problem that caused the need for medication was gone. Basil’s diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure were under control. His neuropathy improved and he stopped taking two of his medications. They both also lost 20 pounds.

After returning home, they emptied their cupboards and changed their lifestyle. They now maintain a satisfying vegan diet, and Basil still exercises regularly, shares Becky. They are continuing to lose weight.

Their experience inspired Becky to offer vegan cooking classes at her church. She wants to share what she learned, and has already taught four classes at the Charleston church, she shares. She enjoys artistically taking something everyone thinks will not be good and making it tasty. And, the attendees love the delicious recipes, say church leaders.

Member Tammy Bibbee echoed the sentiments of many when she said, “I really appreciate their willingness to share their knowledge, their time and their money to give people healthier options.”


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