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Church Calls for Daily Prayers in 2015

The Adventist Church has two initiatives this year to increase member prayer in 2015.
Story by Beth Michaels

The world church adopted the Ten Days of Prayer initiative (formerly called Operation Global Rain) in 2010. World church leaders ask groups of all sizes in homes, schools, churches and through online forums and teleconferences to dedicate January 7-17 to “plead for His promised blessing.” Through the official website, they explain, “All around the world, Adventist churches are experiencing the renewal of the Holy Spirit by following the disciples’ example and participating in Ten Days of Prayer.”

Click here for Ten Days of Prayer Resources.

What would happen if every Adventist in North America spent just a few minutes each day praying for one specific person? That’s the question the North American Division is asking each member to consider as they launch their Pray One Million initiative. Visit to read more about this program launched at the world church’s year-end meetings.


Our church is doing the 10 Day Prayer and have invited the community to join us. We put up a banner with the 10Day of Prayer Logo with the invite. Starts tomorrow. excited about it.

Very Cool!!! Keep us posted with how it goes! You can always email us at

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