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Glenville Pastors Invite Community for Movie Review

Glenville pastors MyRon Edmonds and John Coaxum Glenville pastors MyRon Edmonds and John Coaxum

The Glenville church in Cleveland recently took a very non-traditional approach to evangelism.

Story by Allegheny West Conference Staff

On a Sunday afternoon, they invited unchurched family and friends to join them in watching the controversial movie Noah. More than 370 people lined up outside one of the largest theaters at the Severence Center and shared their contact information before watching the film. Afterward the moviegoers participated in an after-action review with Glenville pastors MyRon Edmonds and John Coaxum (pictured).

With the assistance of a handout, Edmonds and Coaxum presented the truth about the Bible story. Glenville members also distributed a compilation of Ellen G. White writings on the story of Noah and refrigerator magnets with the church’s contact information.

Why use such an unconventional approach? “As a church, Christ has asked us to go! We have operated so long with a ‘come’ mentality that we have forgotten that we've been told to go!” said Pastor Edmonds.

Coaxum added, “Glenville's theme for this year is ‘The Church Has Left the Building.’ We are on a mission to literally meet people where they are and bring them the truth.”


What a wonderfully innovative and Spirit-led approach. Indeed, for far too long we have invited and expected people to 'come' to us, and that's fine where and when it works; however, the time has long been here when we need to 'go' and do what God has asked us to do. Just as He met the people's needs where they were, we must, indeed, do the same and He will bless our efforts. Pastors, keep up the good work, and watch the people 'come' as you continue to 'go' and get them. God bless.

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