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Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Editorial by Carlos Portanova

In Matthew 14:22–33, we find the story of Jesus walking on the sea. Jesus asked the disciples to go ahead to the other side of the sea while he dismissed the people who came to see Him. After Jesus sent the disciples to the other side, a storm came, and the disciples tried for hours to control the boat. Ellen White says that the disciples regretted having left Jesus. He saw His disciples’ distress from a distance, so He decided to join them. “Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw Him walking on the lake, they were terrified. ‘It’s a ghost,’ they said, and cried out in fear” (Matt. 14:25–26, NIV).

These men were in trouble. They could not control the boat against the storm. They were discouraged because they wanted to make Jesus a king, and now they saw a figure walking on water. They were in shock! They could not move or think. They were afraid! Verse 27 says, “But Jesus immediately said to them: ‘Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid’” (NIV).

Peter heard the voice of Jesus, and he recognized his Master; he even asked Jesus if he could walk on the water too. Jesus allowed him to do so. Peter did not go farther than where

Jesus was; he looked back proudly toward his companions, and that’s when failure came. By taking his eyes off of Jesus, Peter sank and began to drown. Remembering that his Master was at his side, verse 30 says he called out, “Lord, save me!”

Dear brothers and sisters, I do not know what kind of challenges you are facing today.

During your own difficulties or struggles, you probably won’t see Jesus physically as Peter did, but I want you to remember that Jesus is very near to you. He is waiting for you to call out to Him as Peter did. Jesus is willing to rescue you; all you need is to cry out, “Lord, save me!”

Carlos Portanova serves as the treasurer of the New Jersey Conference.

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