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Chesapeake Conference, Ghana Mission Trip Leads to 664 Baptisms, Andre Hastick, Greg Carlson

Ghana Mission Trip Leads to 664 Baptisms

Story by Evan Knott

A team of Chesapeake Conference pastors recently returned from a mission trip to Ghana, where they partnered with the Northern Ghana Union Conference to conduct a series of evangelistic meetings, resulting in 664 baptisms.

The evangelistic campaign spanned two weeks, with pastors immersing themselves in the local communities, learning from the resident Adventist pastors and members, and sharing ideas and techniques. According to the pastors, the opportunity to share their faith in a context vastly different from their own was eye-opening and reinforced the universal nature of the gospel message.

Andre Hastick, executive secretary, says, “We feel blessed to have come here to Ghana, to partner with the local church here, and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of His soon return.”

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