Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Alumni Carlos Rosales (’10), Kelsey Rosales (’11), Lori Nase (’81), Brian Nase (’81), Kyle Nase (’09) and Nicole Nase (’09) praise Blue Mountain Academy for making a huge difference in their lives.

Family, Faith and Forever Friends: A Lasting Legacy

Story by Esther Hernandez

Blue Mountain Academy (BMA) has long been a place for young people to experience academic excellence, deepen their relationship with God and enjoy a strong Seventh-day Adventist community. This is beautifully exemplified in the stories of alumni Kyle and Nicole Nase.

BMA’s impact in Kyle’s life began before he was born. “My parents met while attending BMA. They married after graduation, and that was the beginning of our family. Continuing that example, both my sister and I met our future spouses [at BMA].”

Both Kyle and Nicole appreciate the positive influence of BMA's spiritual environment. “It gave me a place to grow and be around other [friends] who believed the same way I did,” shares Kyle. “I didn’t have to hide my belief, and we could talk about God, whether it was in the classroom or just going between classes or at the cafeteria. We could hold an open dialogue between fellow believers, and that was a good way to grow spiritually.”

The academy’s dedicated educators played a significant role in shaping their career paths. Kyle is now a therapist who counsels individuals. And Nicole is inspiring young Adventist students. She affirms, “It is because of teachers who believed in me that I am now serving as the principal at Reading Junior Academy and teaching pre-K and kindergarten.”

The story of the Nase family is a heartwarming testament to the lasting impact of BMA. It highlights the academy’s ability to foster not only academic pursuits but also deep connections, a strong sense of faith and a path toward fulfilling careers. BMA continues touching lives, creating families, influencing vocations and offering an environment for young minds to flourish. To learn more about the transformative BMA experience, visit or call (484) 662-7004.

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