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Students line up to receive Bryn Elliott’s autobiography, Dying to Live. Photo by Richmond Adventist Academy

Empowering Hope: Teen Shares Inspirational Journey

Story by Debra Anderson

In pursuit of promoting mental health awareness within Potomac Conference’s 16 schools, the Office of Education has made it a priority to address subject matters not often publicly addressed. As part of this mental health initiative, guest lecturer Bryn Elliott recently shared her compelling testimony at each of the conference’s three senior academies: Richmond, Shenandoah Valley, and Takoma.

Steve Laing, Potomac vice president for Education, highlighted Elliott’s invitation, stating that her story resonates with many young people who have faced abuse and challenging circumstances. “Bryn’s childhood experiences led her down a dark path, but with the support of caring individuals, she found hope,” he says. “It was through the transformative power of positive relationships in Bryn’s life that enabled her to find meaning in her life.”

Students listened attentively as Elliott, a fellow teenager, shared personal accounts of her despair and heartbreak. Her life turned around when she was introduced to the Savior and His matchless love. Through her personal testimony, Elliott delivered a message of hope to students, emphasizing that, regardless of academic, social or personal struggles, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Elliott’s message brought a visible impact on those who heard her story. Many students were eager to learn more about her journey, lining up to receive Dying to Live, her autobiography. Elliott’s ministry, M46 Ministries, is rooted in Malachi 4:6, emphasizing the importance of turning hearts toward reconciliation within families.

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