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Alumnus Credits Takoma Academy for Successful Career

Story by Shaun Robinson

Potomac Conference's Takoma Academy (TA) is proud of its many successful graduates who have gone on to pursue careers in myriad industries and disciplines. Zelick Stewartson (’14) is one graduate who embodies the spirit of the TA Tiger. Stewartson—a four-year alumnus—enrolled at the University of Maryland in pursuit of a degree in Engineering. Although he did very well academically in high school, he admits that college challenged him on a much higher level; unpacking the expository readings and problem-solving assessments required an abundance of commitment from an undergraduate.

“Take as many college courses as you can while you’re in high school,” Stewartson advises. “Those dual credits and getting that college experience will pay off in the end.”

As a young adult at the beginning of his professional career, he wants to remind TA students to make the most of their time in high school. “TA provided me with the right relationships. It helped me meet the right people who would help me along the way,” he says.

Stewartson also speaks about the importance of having the grit to achieve your goals, and that life requires perseverance.

“I know 100 percent that God has guided my education and career. Certain tests that I took in college, I might not have passed. Opportunities that have come my way wouldn’t have been possible. If it weren’t for my parents’ prayers and encouraging me to pray and keep a relationship with God, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Stewartson is currently employed as a business process development senior analyst for Accenture—one of the leading technology, operational and consulting companies in the world. He plans to work with Accenture to find ways to give back to TA, and he encourages other alumni to do the same.

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