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Allegheny East Conference, Prison Ministries Federation Holds Reunion Retreat, Ladore Retreat and Conference Center, Colin Brathwaite

Prison Ministries Federation Holds Reunion Retreat

Story by Charlene Wright, AEC Prison Ministries Secretary

Recently, more than 40 Prison Ministries leaders and supporters gathered at the Ladore Retreat and Conference Center in Waymart, Pa. The event, themed “You Can Be Free in 2023,” began with a Friday night vespers, led by Colin Brathwaite, Allegheny East Conference’s (AEC) Ministries Development director.

On Sabbath, keynote speaker Mark McCleary, retired AEC pastor, shared a message from Philippians 2:5 on modeling Christ’s humility. At the end of the service, Doug Winstead, Baltimore chapter president, introduced two former inmates who shared testimonies of God’s providence for them while serving time in Maryland prisons. Louis Williams, Metro D.C. chapter president, performed a dramatic presentation, titled “Courtroom Scene in Judgement.”

That evening, attendees participated in a communion service facilitated by Brathwaite, church elders, deacons and deaconesses. Following communion, they held an anointing service and intercessory prayers for the sick who were present. The group honored Tillman Peck, former AEC Federation parliamentarian, as well as others who have recently been laid to rest.

On Sabbath evening, Daniel McManus led various Prison Ministries trainings. The weekend ended with a message from McCleary, who shared insights on being grounded in service, and Ron Timpson, AEC’s Prison Ministries Federation president, who hosted an open forum for attendees to share ways to recruit younger Prison Ministries volunteers.

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