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Photo by Jose Vasquez

Potomac Conference Moves Beyond Paper

Story by Debra Anderson

In a rapidly evolving digital world, organizations—including faith-based ones like the Potomac Conference—are embracing technology to further their mission and efficiency. One significant step in this direction is transitioning from paper documents to digital records.

Potomac has embarked on a remarkable journey by digitizing more than a million pages from its Human Resources Department, a monumental feat that has streamlined access to critical information. With the simple touch of a button, a robust digital platform called Laserfiche, has enabled staff to retrieve information quickly.

One of the most impactful changes has been the digitization of the employee onboarding process, which has enhanced efficiency and accuracy, ensuring all necessary documents are completed promptly.

Jose Vazquez, vice president for Administration, says adopting BambooHR—a new HR program—empowers employees to “easily manage their personal information, request vacation days and access essential details, all conveniently through their smartphones. This shift toward digital tools has increased efficiency and improved the overall employee experience.”

The system upgrade could not be possible without the digital expertise of Tiffany Doss, Potomac’s document management director, and Claudya Barrientos, former conference clerk and Laserfiche expert.

Potomac’s embrace of digital documents and technology marks a significant step toward a more efficient and responsive organization. By “moving beyond the paper,” the conference is making operations smoother and enhancing the experience for their valued employees in this digital age.

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