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Spring Valley Academy welcomes new staff members Allyssa Sharpe, Joel Greve, Nicolás Chaij, Paula Ottinger and Nicole Wortham Starkey.

The Importance of Teamwork

Story by Spencer Hannah

Joining Ohio Conference's Spring Valley Academy (SVA) this year as the interim principal, I have united with a fantastic group of educators and support staff that form an awesome team. As I have been settling in with this new group, I have pondered a few things about teamwork:

Trust is Built—By working as a team on achieving goals, dependability is recognized, and trust is built. This is important to the growth of all and the success of the endeavor. We are working together to bring out the best in our students and ourselves.

Effort is Multiplied—On an effective team, the results and efforts of each member are not simply added together but are multiplied.

Allegiance is Developed—As trusted members of a team that experiences successes together, we develop a sense of belonging and purpose as a part of that team. This allegiance to the cause builds greater trust and results in even greater accomplishments together.

Meaning Happens—While we find our true meaning in our walk with God, we also desire meaning in our relationships and accomplishments. Being an integral part of a team can help us realize that meaning in our lives.

I am not the only new member on SVA’s team this year; the academy staff also welcomes seven additional members. Months into the school year, here is what they most enjoy about their new positions:

“I love the team atmosphere of SVA, and that we work together to share Jesus’ name with each student and family.”—Cara Bussey, Kindergarten Teacher (pictured on left)

“I love that I get to provide care for children in a school that is very dear to my heart. I also think it’s pretty great to work alongside some awesome individuals.”—Nalyna Olson, School Nurse (on right)

“I love getting to know the students and the energy and passion they have for life, especially when I see them have an “aha” moment about the Bible and their faith.”—Nicolás Chaij, Grades 7–8, Bible Teacher; Assistant Chaplain

“At any time during the day, there are ministry opportunities happening everywhere on campus!”—Joel Greve, Chaplain

“[I enjoy] being able to openly share about my Lord and Savior.”—Paula Ottinger, Grade 3 Teacher

“Having a great support team of teachers to work with.”—Allyssa Sharpe, Grades 5–6 Teacher

“The energetic Christ-centered environment and seeing my two young sons’ big smiles in the halls!”—Nicole Wortham Starkey, Front Office Receptionist

I am excited about working with this SVA team to further strengthen our commitment to what God has in store for our students, families and ourselves.—Spencer Hannah, Interim Principal

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