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Allegheny West Conference, Conference Welcomes New Treasury Staff Member, Jack Manongi

Conference Welcomes New Treasury Staff Member

Story by Benia Jennings

Jack Manongi joined Allegheny West Conference (AWC) late last year as an assistant treasurer. He previously worked at the Lake Region Conference (Ill.) where he was employed as an auditor and Plant Fund accountant.

“I’ve always wanted to work for the church!” says Manongi. “My dad served as an accountant for the church for many years, and I believe his faithful service inspired me to want to do the same.”

Manongi believes that no job is complete until the paperwork is done. “Although I’m not directly involved in preaching or holding evangelistic series, which I also love to do, that’s not directly my calling. My calling is to financially support those who do that,” he says.

“Mr. Manongi has extensive experience, fulfilling roles in organizations as a former chief financial officer (CFO), financial advisor, tax accountant and business manager. We welcome him as the newest member of our team!” says Keisha Bone, CFO for AWC.

“My desire is to see the Lord return during my lifetime,” says Manongi. “This motivates me to prayerfully play my part in His service as He would have me do for His glory.”

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