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Worshippers gather at New Jersey Conference's Hispanic Camp Meeting.

Attendees Learn to ‘Make Disciples’ at New Jersey Camp Meetings

Story by Stephen Lee

The New Jersey Conference (NJC) held its English, Haitian and Hispanic camp meetings this summer with an attendance exceeding their expectations. Jorge Aguero, conference president, states, “We had a full house with over 3,000 attendees between the two Sabbaths. Our motto, ‘Making Disciples,’ was the predominant emphasis. We were blessed with the guest speakers from the General Conference: Pastors Pavel Goia and Ramon Canals, as well as Arbentz Pierre Antoine from the Southeastern Conference. They presented the Word of God with power, and we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. The music was varied and very inspiring. Also, the services for our children and youth were exceptional.”

While there, the NJC was able to celebrate its 142nd and 143rd Sabbaths of “Victories,” adds Aguero. “We praise God for allowing us to baptize someone every single Sabbath in a row for 143 consecutive Sabbaths, and there was no exception at our camp meetings. We can only say, ‘To God be the Glory!’”

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