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New Scanner at Kettering Health Offers Better Images With Less Radiation

Story by Kettering Health Staff

Kettering Health has a new PET/CT digital extended-length scanner–the first of its kind in the Dayton region. The Siemens Vision 600 PET/ST camera provides more accurate images with shorter scan times and less radiation exposure for patients. Shorter scan times will allow for more appointment times.

This scanner is already being used to research Alzheimer’s disease and brain tumors. Kettering Health will soon begin using the scanner to research prostate and breast cancer.

“Patients can receive advanced services right here in the Dayton area with this state-of-the-art equipment,” said Arif Sheikh, MD, nuclear medicine specialist at Kettering Health. “We are focused on bringing the future of medicine to Kettering Health through innovative technologies, software, and procedures, and we will continue to provide cutting-edge care.”

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