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New Jersey Conference Schools Partner at Leadership Retreat

Story by Leah Ware

In partnership with the Waldwick Adventist School (N.J.) and the Vine Haven Adventist School (N.J.), Lake Nelson Adventist Academy in Piscataway, N.J., recently had a very special and unique leadership training. Sponsored by the New Jersey Conference, the theme for the year’s retreat, “Courage to Lead,” was held at the Tranquil Valley Retreat Center in Andover, N.J.

Student Association (SA) leaders, accompanied by chaperones, school principals, SA advisors and keynote speakers, spent two days engaged in activities designed to guide, empower and spiritually strengthen their God-given talents and skills. This event gave students the opportunity to receive leadership training, participate in planning sessions and learn how to become spiritual leaders wherever God positions them.

During the weekend, the students engaged in several seminars with the various keynote speakers. These seminars were designed to help each student create a vision of Christian leadership for their campus and the community during this current school year. The student leaders were encouraged to develop a spirit of unity and cooperation between the three schools, as well as develop a spirit of unity within their home campus. Students received strategies on how to motivate other students and become more effective leaders. Additionally, they learned to set goals and how to apply those goal-setting skills to their academic, social and spiritual journeys.

Above all, the goal of the leadership retreat was to connect the student leaders with each other and God. Through worship, seminars and recreational activities, they were able to step back from the everyday grind of school work, and reset and redefine their purpose as leaders. By strengthening their emotional intelligence, communication skills and motivation for being servant leaders, the SA members share that they returned to their respective campuses rejuvenated and prepared for their roles to be courageous leaders for Christ.

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