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Ohio Conference’s Hispanic church leaders and members (top row) Peter Simpson, Mason Reyes, Iveth Reyes, Alfredo Avila, (bottom row) Maria Barquero, Liliana Avila, Jaden Castillo and Anthony Infante volunteer their voices and time to broadcast the Word of God via the conference’s Hispanic Ministries online radio station, Stereo Adventista.

Stereo Adventista Broadcasts Bible for 31 Days

Story by Kasper Haughton Jr.

This past January, the Hispanic churches of Ohio joined the Ohio Conference Presidents’ Bible Challenge to read the entire Bible in 31 days, using their own Spanish-language challenge: “Sanctified by His Word!”

Peter Simpson, Hispanic Ministries coordinator, shared with the members, “What a challenge from our conference president! Let’s mobilize every Hispanic member toward the reading of the Holy Scriptures in 31 days!”

Members across the state rallied around this cry and decided to use the Hispanic Ministries online radio station, Stereo Adventista, to collaboratively read the Bible together. Each day, the radio station broadcasted four hours of programming dedicated to reading the assigned chapters live on air. About 120 volunteers signed up to read on a rotating basis. Members of all ages jumped at the opportunity to volunteer their voices and time to broadcast the Word of God—from pastors and their spouses to elders, young adults and even children.

The transmission took place in two segments— two hours in the morning and two more in the evening—so that listeners could easily hear the Word of God, no matter where they were. Individuals could also listen to the segments anytime via a podcast on the radio station’s app.

“It’s so much easier when we take this challenge together,” says Simpson. “So many members I talk to around the state comment on how at first they didn’t think they could read the Bible all the way through in just one month. But now they have accomplished this goal together through this radio program! May God continue to bless His people as we make 2021 the Year of the Bible.”

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