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Have You Made ‘Par’?

Story by WGTS Staff

The WGTS 91.9 staff invites you to watch their latest Words of Hope video with assistant producer and on-air host Claude Jennings on the golf course.

In golf, the objective is to sink the ball in a set number of shots, which we call par. In life, we can feel pressure to reach certain milestones, much like aiming for par in golf. Perhaps it’s, “Graduating from college by the time I’m 25” or “Having two children by the time I’m 30.” But when we fall short of par in life, we can feel frustrated and defeated.

In the video, Jennings shares these Words of Hope from Matthew 11:28-30. God will give you rest, and He will carry your burdens. He is your partner, and when you follow Him, He will always help you make par.

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