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Can We Afford a Seventh-day Adventist Education?

Story by Andrew S. Lay

As I talk with parents and students about obtaining a Seventh-day Adventist education, an issue that often arises is how can they afford the investment and make it a reality. As an alumnus of Adventist education from elementary through graduate school, I understand this can be a challenge for families every year.

Below is a guide to assist in planning for a Seventh-day Adventist high school education.

1. Prayer and commitment. The first step is for the whole family to pray and commit to the idea that a Seventh-day Adventist education is important to them. Families will not succeed unless they have this mindset. They value what they place importance on and commit to working on together. You are preparing your children for this life and for eternity to come.

2. Step forward in faith. Apply to the school, take action for your children, take a tour, talk with the school faculty and staff to see how a typical schedule or day looks like and bring questions to be answered.

3. Plan and fill out financial paperwork. For Highland View Academy, you can start the process by filling out a FACTS Tuition Assessment plan that will help you determine what help is available to you. Visit Achievementbased scholarships for academics, leadership, music, sports and summer employment are available. Needbased scholarships like church matching (also known as 3-way scholarship for some schools), DeHaan Matching and Worthy Student scholarships are available. Discounts for multi-family members or prepayment plans are also typically offered. Be prepared to ask for the help that you need; you may be surprised at the ways God will miraculously provide.

4. Explore other avenues of scholarships or grants available to you. Do you work for a business that offers benefits that help with private school tuition? If you work in the Adventist system, you may have a subsidy scholarship available to you. Explore scholarships with other groups: civic clubs, community foundations, corporate foundations, family foundations or cultural organizations that may be able to help in obtaining a Seventh-day Adventist education.

5. Follow up and report back. Once you apply for scholarships or financial aid from schools, foundations, family members or other areas, report back to them on how this has changed your life and your children’s lives. People enjoy stories of changed lives and successful goals and plans, so reach out and say thank you to those who have helped you.

Highland View Academy wants to help parents achieve the goal of obtaining a Seventh-day Adventist education as we seek to prepare our children for this life and for eternity to come. Start the journey by going to our school website:

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