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Tips for Starting a Local Men’s Ministry

Story by Edwin Garcia / Image by Mohamed Hassan

Eli Rojas, who leads Men’s Ministries, Family Ministries and is the Ministerial director for the Chesapeake Conference, shares the following tips for starting a Men’s Ministries program at your local church:

  • Pray for guidance.
  • Start by nominating of an entire leadership team, not just one person with a vision.
  • Once the group starts to meet, listen to feedback from members, incorporate their ideas and be patient by allowing time for the ministry to grow.
  • Find ways to include prayer and Bible study to help fulfill the missing desires in men’s lives.
  • Think about the many areas in which men find enrichment, and try to make ministry avenues for guys to find support for unmet needs.
  • Take on a service project to improve the lives of church members or the community.

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