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Leaders attend training seminars for effective small group and home evangelism.

837 Commit to Home Church Evangelism

Story by Tiffany Doss

A total of 837 Potomac Conference home church Hispanic leaders (and another 534 leaders in the New Jersey Conference) have committed to take part in a nationwide week of evangelism, scheduled next month. GPS por la Vida (healthy small groups) training sessions took place last fall to prepare for the upcoming campaign. Organizers explained the 2019 North American Division (NAD), Columbia Union and Potomac Conference plan, and provided material that helped train and motivate small group leaders.


“The mission of the Potomac Conference is to Grow Healthy, Disciple-Making Churches,’” says Jose Esposito, Hispanic Ministries director. “In order for this to be concrete, leaders must have a spiritual lifestyle, not only by going to church once a week, but by having a connection on an everyday basis like the primitive church did. This is why home church ministry is so important.”

These training sessions attracted nearly 2,000 field coordinators, pastors and small group leaders, under the direction of Esposito; Rubén Ramos, vice president of Multilingual Ministries for the Columbia Union; Alejandro Bullón, evangelist and international lecturer; and Tony Anobile, vice president of Cultural Ministries for NAD.

Of those who attended, 837 church members committed to work with administration to help grow and plant additional home churches within the Potomac territory. “If at least 800 people open their homes to the home church ministry and have an average of five people attend each week, that would spark an unprecedented growth of some 4,000 people,” explains Esposito. “Imagine the souls won for Christ and the personal relationships developed with the Savior!”

The number and prominence of home church ministries continues to grow. Approximately 530 home groups currently meet every week throughout the con- ference for Bible studies and fellowship. A typical home church consists of approximately 8–10 people.

Esposito says he has been encouraging the development of home churches for more than 22 years. “There is no such joy as that which comes from talking about Jesus,” says Esposito. “Jesus produces physical, mental and spiritual health. If you would like to have a home church or small group, but you don’t know how or you are in need of materials, contact Potomac’s Hispanic Ministries office at (301) 899-0012. Get involved, no matter what language you speak or what cultural background you are—Jesus speaks to everyone, and He has no accent.”

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