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Pathfinders from the Beltsville Brooncos Club strike a pose. Photo by Brian Tagalog

Photos: Columbia Union Conference's "Fearless" Camporee

Photos by Brian Tagalog and V. Michelle Bernard

More than 3,000 Pathfinders attended "Fearless," the largest camporee in Columbia Union Conference history, October 6 - 9.

Watch videos of the evening meetings here.

More Camporee Coverage

Visit, and for more photos and videos of the event. Search #CUFEARLESS on social media for fellow Pathfinder's posts, too! The December Visitor Magazine will also feature a story about the camporee.




I was there it was so fun I leaned more about jesus and I loved the plays and songs and I am glad I partisipated

So glad you enjoyed it!! :)

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