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Kettering College Sees Enrollment Increase

Story by Jessica Beans

With a total of 759 students enrolled for fall semester, Kettering College in Dayton, Ohio, has increased its opening enrollment for the 2016 school year by 3.8 percent.

This increase in enrollment reverses a three-year trend of declining enrollment as well as reversing a five-year decline in total credit hours taken by full-time students. The number of full time enrolled students is the highest it has been since fall of 2013.

 According to the school’s final opening report, 452 full-time and 307 part-time (three-quarter time or less) students had registered for fall classes, for an overall count that was 27 more than fall 2015.

“We’re encouraged to see the growth that happened this year,” says Victor Brown, dean for enrollment and student affairs. “Moving forward, we’re being strategic in our enrollment process to continue intentionally growing each program.”

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