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Tips on talking with new contacts about salvation
How to take a spiritual conversation deeperBy Visitor Staff

Do you know what to say when trying to start a deeper spiritual conversation with someone who has moved past conversation starters? There are two questions you should be prepared to ask, and answer says Lillian Torres, Pennsylvania Conference and Columbia Union Bible worker.

Question 1: “If Jesus were to come back tonight, or you were to die suddenly, do you know that you have eternal life?”
If the person answers “yes,” ask them why they believe this. If they answer, “Because I go to church,” “I’ve tried to be a good Christian” or something else, showing they are relying on their own works or goodness, you need to present them the gospel.
If they don’t have the assurance of eternal life, share the gospel.
Question 2: “If an angel stopped you at the gates of heaven and asked you “why should God let you enter into heaven?”  How would you answer the angel’s question?”
The correct answer to both questions is: “Because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, and it is by His grace that I’ve been saved and should be allowed into heaven.”
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Other evangelism resources

  • is a new website designed to reach “seekers” that clearly and simply answers questions about our faith, and can connect people with the closest Seventh-day Adventist church.
  • Pastor Mark Finley’s book Studying Together is a pocket-sized handbook with 32 Bible studies, biblical advice for daily problems, and information on what 22 denominations, including Adventists, believe.
  • Answers to Difficult Bible Texts by Joe Crews can help you explain more than 100 perplexing Bible verses. 
  • Changed 3, written by Carlos Camacho and Manny Cruz, shares the stories of young people who have been changed by Jesus.
  • Jesús Esperanza de Victoria is a very popular Bible study series from International Evangelist Alejandro Bullón.  The Bible studies are available at Adventist Book Centers. Contact or (410) 997-3414,  ext. 586, to order the companion DVD set for $5. 

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