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York Member Honored for 35 Years of Service to Blind

Story by Tamyra Horst

Christian Record Services (CRS) honored Richard Klinedinst, an elder at Pennsylvania Conference’s York church, for 35 years of service as a CRS representative in eastern Pennsylvania. During that time, Klinedinst made approximately 12,000 visits to blind people, introducing them to the Seventh-day Adventist Church's inspirational materials offered through CRS. He was the first person in the history of the Adventist movement to raise $2 million for the work for the blind through CRS. 

Ted Wilson, a General Conference vice president who serves as CRS board chair, along with Larry Pitcher, CRS president, presented Klinedinst with a plaque during a special service at the York church. Tom Evans, North American Division treasurer, also made a presentation, while Frank Bondurant, Columbia Union Conference director for Ministries Development, and Barry Tryon, Pennsylvania Conference executive secretary, took part in the service. 

Klinedinst’s son, David Klinedinst, Personal Ministries director for CSR, shared his father’s story and how God has used him. Klinedinst was convicted of the Sabbath message during an evangelistic series at the Valencia Ballroom in York, Pa. He lost his job due to his commitment to the Sabbath. 

“It was due to this loss of job that Dad was eventually introduced to CRS,” shared David. “He told God that he didn't have the skills to do this work so if God called him He was going to have to do it. By God's grace, Dad became the most successful worker to ever serve with CRS–all with no marketing, sales or people skills training and with barely a high school education.”

Christian Record Services is an international organization serving blind and visually impaired individuals in approximately 80 countries worldwide, and employs about 160 people throughout the United States and Canada. Read more at

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