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Fire Damages Ohio’s Spring Valley Academy

By Beth Michaels

Ohio Conference’s Spring Valley Academy (SVA) located in Centerville, a suburb of Dayton, has received significant damage from a fire that appears to have originated in the school’s mechanical room, which doubles as the office of Steve Erickson, maintenance director. No one was injured.

“It was an electrical fire,” reports principal Jeff Bovee (pictured). “The fire came out of that room and went into the ceiling and went down the hallway in both directions. The great news is that, for the most part, all of the classrooms are fine besides some smoke damage. Most of the smoke damage is in the hallways.”

Several students and faculty practicing for a school play were in the building when Erickson discovered the fire around 7 p.m. Erickson was driven from the building by smoke after trying to fight the fire with a fire extinguisher. Everyone was safely evacuated. When fire fighters arrived, thick black smoke could be seen pouring from the building. Several news agencies arrived to report on the incident. 

As a result of the fire, SVA currently has no power or water. The local fire department is still investigating the cause of the fire and the school’s insurance adjuster is busy determining the extent of the damage. All school activities are cancelled until further notice. 

SVA just celebrated its 40th anniversary. The kindergarten through 12th-grade school currently has 293 students. Columbia Union Conference members are asked to pray for this academy, its faculty, and students.


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