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Book Release: Reflections and Meditations: An Annual Devotional

Interview by Dawna-gene Milton

Pearl T. Morgan-Bell, a member of Ohio Conference’s Village church in Mason, penned Reflections and Meditations: An Annual Devotional, to help readers through the “ABCs of Assurance,” or as she puts it, build relationships with God like we learn our ABCs—bit by bit. Read our author interview below.

Visitor: What was the inspiration behind writing this devotional?

I have been documenting alphabetical spiritual guidelines titled “ABC’s of Assurance"  and had filed them away. Then in 201,1 someone sent me an email with the subject line “The Holy Alphabet.” This sparked my enthusiasm and became the trigger to develop my latent idea into a devotional.

Visitor: How did you prepare before writing Reflections and Meditations: An Annual Devotional?

I spent about one year searching the Scriptures and gathering a number of relevant texts that could speak to each letter of the alphabet each day for 365/366 days. Thus, there are 52 weeks and seven days for each week. I had to go through a cycle of texts. Every 26 days a new alphabetical cycle begins (A-Z). It was very challenging and spiritually rewarding for me as I had the opportunity to interact so personally with God’s word from different words.

Visitor: How is your devotional unique compared to other devotionals?

The specialness about this devotional is that it is not constrained by times or days. There is no month or year or day. It begins on day one and moves on to day two, etc.

So any time you obtain the book you can start at day one. That gives the devotional a kind of perpetuity and so it can be used effectively any day, month or year. It is a kind of everlasting quality about it. It can and should be read time and time again. It is the one devotional you want to have alongside the Bible.

Visitor: How did you choose the topics you cover?

The topics were chosen based on certain key words. I needed 14 sets of words beginning with each letter of the alphabet. For example, the first word begins with AND discusses the text that follows. Ashamed, Arise, etc. are other words in the A sequence. And so that has been the pattern used. I just humbly say that all of this was done by the gently leading of the Holy Spirit. When I reflect on what has been written, I just know that it was the Holy Spirit guiding my mind and my fingers. None of it is my doing. It is all Holy Spirit directed.

Visitor: What do you hope readers gain from your devotional?

The main thrust of this devotional is to help all readers also maintain their spiritual, mental, moral and emotional stability in Christ. It is designed to strengthen believers’ faith in Jesus, draw strength from his Holy Word and live the more abundant life.

Finally, as each reader goes to the text, he or she will begin a new day every day with a fresh insight into the Word. For example, the titles and themes for each cycle present the overall themes that each 26 words will focus on. We begin the process with “new” every morning and that discusses the newness of communicating with God during those 26 days, etc. And so each theme focuses on a particular wish or desire, want or expectation and request.

Stop and listen to His gentle voice and wooing of the Holy Spirit. As I said before, this is all the direction and working out of the Holy Spirit; I was the conduit. My sincere hope and prayer is that readers’ lives will be touched and they will experience anew sweet fellowship with the Word who is Jesus the flesh.


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