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Greener Gardening Tips

Story by V. Michelle Bernard
Aaron Weber, director of vocational education at Pennsylvania Conference’s Blue Mountain Academy (BMA) in Hamburg, has overseen the school’s organic garden for five years. Don’t want to add more chemicals to the soil? Weber recently shared these tips for creating a greener garden:
  • Grow native plants and choose plants that will attract beneficial insects, which will reduce the amount of harmful bugs in the garden
  • Keep your garden area clean. Not having a lot of junk and garden debris around will reduce the habitat for harmful bugs
  • If you want to avoid using pesticides, try Neem Oil instead
  • Use compost instead of fertilizer. (Collect or buy beneficial fungi and bacteria on Amazon)
  • Plant marigolds in-between crops for a natural bug repellent
BMA sells their produce, plants and baked goods at the farm stand on campus, at the new food store at 2363 Mountain Road, Hamburg, Pa, and at the Penn. St. Farmer's Market in Reading, PA.

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