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Book Release: Find Strength In Your Struggle: Discover The Miracle In You

Find Strength In Your StruggleDr. H. Jean Wright II has written Find Strength In Your Struggle: Discover The Miracle In You to help readers learn you can overcome any situation with power from God. Wright is a member of Pennsylvania Conference's Chestnut Hill church in Philadelphia.

Interview by Dawna-gene Milton

Visitor: What was the motivation behind writing Find Strength In Your Struggle: Discover The Miracle In You?

Wright: During my time working as a staff psychologist in a state penitentiary I was drawn to the possibility that individuals removed from society might also be suffering from what I’ve come to define as “spiritual depression.” This idea became more prominent in my mind as I interviewed hundreds of incarcerated persons, as one by one, they shared their feelings of not just believing that they had disappointed their family and friends by being incarcerated, but also they expressed a deep concern that they had let down God. They were not only stressed, anxious and depressed from being physically removed from society; they were also “spiritually depressed” from their belief that the God of the universe had turned His back on them as well. It was through these interactions behind prison bars that I was pushed by the Holy Spirit to write about how to “Find Strength In Your Struggle.”

Visitor: What would you say to someone who is looking to other humans for guidance instead of God in these difficult times?

Seek God first! God uses trials and tribulations to bring each of us to an understanding that we are totally dependent upon Him. However, God also uses humans to participate in His miracles. That is the greatest honor for any human: to be chosen to work with God in the miracle of ministry, medicine, healing, teaching, building, loving, etc. God has placed us on this earth not only to serve Him, but also to serve our fellow humans. Physicians work with God. So do teachers, ministers, and lawyers. For example, I tell people with heart disease: seek God first, pray without ceasing, go see your cardiologist and take your medicine. Seek God first and He will place people in your path that He has ordained to help you.

Visitor: You speak of stress and anxiety, how do they affect every aspect of our health?

Stress comes in many different forms. The most common forms of stress are related to people, places and things. Continuous, unresolved stress has a devastating impact on our physical, mental and spiritual health. God designed our body, mind and spirit to work in balance. If any one aspect of the whole is out of synch, not functioning properly or disturbed, it adversely affects the whole organism. It’s like the “link to the chain” metaphor. Any weak or broken link compromises the strength and effectiveness of the whole chain. Anxiety is closely linked with depression. Feeling anxious about things in life that we can’t control leads to feeling powerless. This leads to feeling depressed which too often leads to hopelessness. Regardless of the circumstances or reasons behind anxiety/depression the result is often the same: reduced physical, psychological and spiritual strength which compromises your ability to function as God intended.

Visitor: Why do you think a lot of people continue to just survive in life not realizing God wants them to thrive?

Life is often difficult. Many people succumb to unrelenting stress because they see no viable solutions. They begin to believe that their life is destined for pain and misery. They become paralyzed by negativity, unable to move in a positive direction. Their concept of God is distorted. I believe that your concept of God determines how you live your life. If you believe God is menacing, vengeful, angry, punishing and a bully then you are more likely to try and distance yourself from that God.

However, if you believe that God is loving, kind, merciful, a protector, a giver and one that is totally invested in your well-being then you are more likely to seek after that God. And then there are those that have no concept of God, either positive or negative. They simply go through life believing in “luck” or “fate” and this life here on earth is final. With the first and third belief systems life is without hope which is truly miserable. When you believe that God is kind and loving you will recall those experiences in your life where if not for a merciful God you would not be alive today. Remembering that, your mind reaches beyond survival and envisions a full and bountiful life in Christ Jesus.

Visitor: What do you hope readers walk away with after they finish reading the book?

My hope and prayer is that readers will recognize that Jesus saves! Understand that life may be difficult, but God is with us. God has placed inside each of us a “God-gene” that automatically connects us to the God of the universe, the power source, ensuring that we cannot fail. God has already won the war! He gives us all that we need to win each battle. Finding Strength In Your Struggle is about acknowledging that there is no strength without struggle. God allows trials and tribulations to develop character, perseverance, strength and commitment to our creator. God also allows joy and peace that passes all understanding. He has given us all that we need to seek His face. Our determination to stay connected to God produces the “Miracle In You.”

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