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Who are the Columbia Union Delegates to the GC Session?

The following individuals are the Columbia Union Conference delegates to the 2015 GC Session in San Antonio.

  1. Dave Weigley, Columbia Union Conference president
  2. Rob Vandeman, Union Executive Secretary
  3. Seth Bardu, Union Treasurer
  4. Henry Fordham, Allegheny East Conference (AEC) President
  5. William T. Cox, Allegheny West Conference (AWC) President
  6. Rick Remmers, Chesapeake Conference President
  7. Larry Boggess, Mountain View Conference President
  8. José Cortés, New Jersey Conference President
  9. Ron Halvorsen Jr., Ohio Conference President
  10. Ray Hartwell, Pennsylvania Conference President
  11. William Miller, Potomac Conference President
  12. Marcus Harris, AEC Pastor
  13. Albert Kelly, AEC Lay Member
  14. Deborah Hill, AWC Lay Member
  15. Lisa Burrow, Chesapeake Lay Member
  16. Sedley Johnson, Chesapeake Pastor
  17. Marisa Medina, New Jersey Lay Member
  18. Sadrail Saint-Ulysse, New Jersey Education Superintendent
  19. Pedro Simpson, Ohio Hispanic Ministries Director
  20. Renee Battle-Brooks, Potomac Lay Member
  21. Mark Sorensen, Pennsylvania Lay Member
  22. Corrine Rawlins, Potomac Lay Member
  23. Eliasib Farjardo, Potomac PastorYoung Adult Delegates
  24. Marcia Moore, AEC Lay Member
  25. Shaun Arthur, AWC Pastor
  26. Jaime Rodriguez, Mountain View Pastor
  27. Tara VinCross, Union Employee
  28. Sanjay Thomas, Potomac Lay Member

Visit to learn what formula is used to select session delegates.

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